Don't Buy a Perry Home
Don't Buy a Perry Home

The Bully Builder of Texas!

They make home building a nightmare before, during & after.

Our Story

Contract signing

We were looking to build a larger home for our family because our current home in Cedar Park was just too small. We fell in love with Rancho Sienna and the fact that it had a new elementary school in the neighborhood for our two children.  

-We selected Perry Homes because they had a double greenbelt lot as well as their promises of a quality built house.  

-We signed our contract for a "dirt build" on May 5th 2017 and we were promised that we would be closed on the house before Thanksgiving.  

-We were also promised that our Ford Expedition would fit in the standard two door garage by our sales person. She reassured us several times stating “We are a Texas builder; we are used to building for trucks. As long as it’s not an oversized truck with large mirrors, or dual wheels it will fit.” She also reassured us that the larger door was not needed for functional reasons and was a matter of aesthetics and matter of presence. Therefore we forewent the upgrade.  

-Based on these promises we were fraudulently induced into our contract.  NONE of the three major points that were fraudulently represented to get us into contract ever happened  

1) Close on our home before Thanksgiving (we closed 12/18/17)  

2) Green belt in front and behind our home (the front greenbelt was clear cut for the new phase of the neighborhood)  

3) The garage would easily fit my Ford Expedition. (our garage was incorrectly framed narrower so it will not fit)

The Build

We had four different project managers during our build and each of them blamed the person before them for why our home build was so mishandled. Since Perry Homes is a Home Builder in Houston now doing New Home Construction in Austin and New Home Construction in Georgetown we thought they would be professionals but that was not the case.   

-On August 25, 2017 we drove by our under construction home to discover the greenbelt in front of our home that was promised by the Perry Homes Sales Rep to never be touched was being clear cut for a new phase of development. Shocked, we contacted our sales professional. She emailed us in the attached email indicating Perry Homes was shocked as well stating “The information and plat map that I provided to you and your wife when we wrote your contract came from the developer. It showed the greenbelt space behind and in front of your home. The current clearing came as a complete shock to us all. My Divisional President met with the developer on site this morning. I don't know the outcome of that meeting as it's my day off however when he speaks to me, I will let you know.”  The outcome was the developer cleared the land, which obviously cannot be reversed. The plan is to have a retaining wall, which is not the greenbelt that was described by our sales professional. This was completely devastating to our family and one of the main reasons why we selected this lot and Perry Homes.  We sought out this neighborhood because of its retained green spaces and for the privacy of the front and back greenbelt. The greenbelt was gone and can never be replaced.   

-Unless you have time to be a part time Perry Homes Project Manager for no pay your home will have no chance of being completed even half way correct. I had to walk the house at least twice a week to catch mistakes, faulty work and to ensure they were on schedule (which they never were)   

-Since this was a "dirt build" we had the opportunity to make all of the selections at the design center.  During the build they incorrectly laid the tile in the guest bathroom AND the laundry room AND the master bathroom!  This means they had to rip up all of that tile and redo all three rooms.  This mistake was never caught by any Perry Homes employee and had to be caught by us and pointed out to them.  

-During the selection of options we selected and paid for the upgraded French doors leading from the Master Bedroom to the Master Bath. We paid to upgrade from a single door to French doors. They were described to us by our sales professional as being “the same doors as the model home”.  In September 2017, we made a regular stop to check on the progress of our home. We noticed the doorway in the master was not framed out to the same size as the model (not even close).  We contacted our sales professional who investigated the matter. She replied in an email to us “I wanted to touch base about the upgraded master bath doors. I spoke to Robert (head project manager) and he informed me that upgrading to the double doors doesn't necessarily increase the size like we both thought. My apologies for the mistake and I will rectify this as I'm asking for a custom upgrade to enlarge the doors to a larger size as we thought, obviously at no additional cost to you. I should have an update this afternoon or tomorrow with size and will let you know.”  

-During construction our home failed the energy audit/HVAC duct blaster test at least 3 times!  They had to reroute the HVAC duct work and cut holes in the ceilings of our children’s rooms and the hallway.  This means instead of having regular full sheets of drywall we have multiple patches of drywall in our second floor ceiling.  


-On one of our "Part time Perry Homes Project Manager" weekly walks of the home (by ourselves not with a Perry Homes project manager) we noticed that the florescent tube lights that they had installed in our garage were ripped out and replaced with single lightbulbs with metal cages around them which looked horrible.  When I asked our project manager at the time he said “Oh the lighting package for your home had changed and you no longer get the larger florescent lights you only get single bulbs.  I had the electricians come in and remove them since they were already installed.”  There were still holes in the ceiling where the large florescent light fixtures were!  It cost Perry Homes more to have an electrician come out and remove those florescent fixtures than what those fixtures cost.  


-Our closing date was quoted by our sales professional that our home was ahead of schedule and would be complete by the end of October. We were excited! Then upon checking on a closing date several times, we were then told completion has slipped to the end of November. We of course were extremely disappointed when the date moved by 30 days once, but then we were told on November 1 (when our project managers changed AGAIN) that the home would not be complete until the middle of December. This was completely devastating as we had family who planned to spend the holidays in our new home. They has booked flights and made plans and we were not sure if we would have a completed home or anywhere for them to stay. After having our closing date delayed two months we demanded a completion timeline and were told we would close on Friday, December 15th. We made arrangements for movers, POD delivery and child care. On Tuesday December 12th, we were told our closing would once again be moved to December 22nd. Three days prior to closing and we had to reschedule movers, days off work, childcare, etc. Just one more extreme disappointment and devastating delay from Perry Homes. How were we going to move in the weekend before Christmas and host guests?!  Especially when we were guaranteed by our sales rep and the project manager at our contract signing that the home would be complete before Thanksgiving!   

-We had a meeting in our home prior to closing with our Realtor, the Perry homes Divisional President and the Perry Homes VP of Construction and they promised that all of the non-completed items (which was a long list) would be completed within two weeks after Christmas.  They also said that out of all of the home builds they had going on our home was the worst they had seen and apologized for really dropping the ball.  We were fraudulently induced into closing based on the promises made that day by the Perry Homes Divisional President who lives in our neighborhood and the VP of Construction. It is now the middle of May and our home is still not complete.

After Closing/Legal

We closed on a house that was not complete under the fraudulent promise of a speedy completion after closing. We finally closed on December 18th and moved in.  


-The first night we were in the house we ran the dishwasher which promptly flooded the kitchen that has wood floors. The installer never fully attached the water supply line to the dishwasher which means it was never tested which we were told during our "New Home Demo" that it was.   

-We quickly found out that the garbage disposal also did not work because it had construction screws in it which burned out the motor.   

-On this same evening our two year old son was opening cabinets in the butler’s pantry and found LIVE EXPOSED ELECTRICAL WIRES where an outlet should have been!!! We were with him and were able to stop him before he could touch the live wires that could have killed him.   

-Our Christmas guests arrived and quickly discovered that the guest room had no heat. They never took off the metal damper to let heat flow from the vent into the guest room. In that same room none of the electrical plugs worked. We were severely disappointed and embarrassed to have guests in our new home without sufficient heating, ventilation and electricity. This is a home we were supposed to be proud of, yet our parents laughed at us for overpaying for a poor quality home. Throughout the week of their stay, contractors were in and out. This gave our guests a feeling of having no privacy; they even wanted to get a hotel at one point.   

-Another issue was they installed the light switches for the outside lights and the foyer light in a different room!! They had to come in, cut the drywall and relocate the switches in the correct place they should have been. This was never caught by any "inspections" or by any Perry Homes Project Managers.   

-Our stairs and our pantry shelves had rough saw cuts on all of them. They had to send carpenters to re-sand all of the stairs and the entire pantry which caused a huge dusty mess and the carpenters did not even bring anything to clean up after themselves. Then we had to wait til another day to for painters to come back to re paint where they had sanded.   

-The upstairs railing on the long catwalk was so loose our two year old could rock it back and forth. Turns out they never tightened the single support nut that was inside the middle railing which meant another carpenter service call. This safety issue is still outstanding and was found as a deficiency on our recent home inspection.  

-Our entire butler's pantry cabinets were covered in overspray from when they painted the walls. After months of waiting they finally came in and replaced all of the upper and lower cabinet faces which was an all-day service call.   

-They never did the underpinning in the garage at time of construction and none of the project managers caught this mistake so we had to move everything in the garage so that they could have a crew come in and complete it.   

-We did not have shutters on our home until months after closing because the wrong ones were order twice.   

-When the weather started getting warmer we noticed that our AC was not cooling our home at all. The coolest it would get upstairs during the day was 80 degrees. After being ignored, going months without working AC and having L&S come out to perform service calls numerous times the finally figured out that our AC system was 5 pounds low on refrigerant which is a huge amount.   

-Our downstairs thermostat stopped working and would not program correctly so we had to wait another three weeks for a replacement to be ordered and another service call to have it replaced.   

-Our oven started popping up error codes and would not work. We had the GE tech come out and he said that Perry Homes installed the microwave closely above the wall oven which had causes moisture to build up and kill the oven control board. Once again we went weeks without a working oven while parts were ordered and another service call was performed.  

-Even though we were promised and induced into contract because our Ford Expedition would fit in our garage it will not! I measured our garage compared to other Perry Homes garages on our street and it is narrower by 4 or 5 inches. (which is a big difference when trying to pull in an SUV)  One neighbor has a Chevy Tahoe that is wider than our Expedition and they can pull in just fine with no issues. When I spoke to the Jeremy the VP of Construction I was told they have a certain "Builder Tolerance" on garage doors and our garage is at the narrowest end of this tolerance. I still to this day have never seen any documented proof of this "Builder Tolerance" or where I was informed that my garage width could vary up to 5 inches in width! This seems like an excuse to cover poor framing and mistakes.   

-Our landscaping even before we closed had major erosion issues that were brought to the attention of the Perry Homes management as well as multiple times within 30 days of closing yet nothing was ever corrected. Now Perry Homes is denying all warranty requests to repair the improperly installed landscaping for such a steep lot like we have. This erosion is causing foundation footer issues that were pointed out in our home inspection report Perry Homes said "They are sticking to the strict 30 day landscape warranty" Even though these issues were brought up before closing and within 30 days of closing. It is not our fault they have dragged their feet this long and are now refusing to do warranty repairs.   

-I told our Project Manager that one of the Oak trees they installed was dead within 30 days of closing and their response was "It may just be dormant because it was installed in December. Let’s wait til spring and if it doesn't come back we will replace it for you no problem" It is now spring and because of our yard signs the higher ups at Perry Homes have told our project manager to stick to the strict 30 day warranty on landscaping and are refusing to replace out oak tree. Even though we were promised within 30 days of closing that if it didn’t come to life in spring they would replace it. This is just one more example of how Perry Homes lacks integrity and business ethics.   

-Our front entryway wall was warped/bowed due to improper framing and was the first thing everyone saw when they walked in our front door. When we first brought this to Perry Homes’ attention we got the “Builder Tolerance” excuse once again and said they would have to look into it and see if it would be covered. Finally they got back to us and told us they would repair the construction defect. They had to come in cut out the drywall and sledge hammer the framing flush so the wall wouldn’t be warped anymore. They then had to re-drywall, re-texture, re-trim and paint this repair which took 2 weeks to complete.   

-SHOCKER another HUGE construction defect and repair project was discovered a month ago!!! We have 4 four windows in our master bedroom. Three of these windows are framed correctly and are all the same height. The last of the four windows was not framed correctly and is 1.5 inches higher than the other three windows. This means we will have to have a huge hole ripped out of our master bedroom, the exterior brick ripped out and the window replaced. They will have to reframe, re-brick and re-drywall which will take over a week of construction after months of service calls and countless repairs! This repair hasn't even been started yet and this was reported over a month ago.   

-We do not feel confident in the quality of our home so we hired a 3rd party home inspector to come in and conduct a full home inspection. On May 4th 2018 he conducted the inspection and found over 100 deficient items in a new construction home ranging from minor to very major issues. His report was a total of 41 pages! When I showed this report to Perry Homes they said “We'll look at it and let you know what we will cover under warranty and what we won't.” It's a new house all of it should be covered under warranty especially when Perry Homes brags about their quality and their two year warranty all the time!  

 -Not a week goes by where we don't have contractors in our home and we are still finding issues five months after closing which is completely unacceptable. Since we have put up our signs we have been approached by over 15 neighbors in Rancho Sienna that own Perry Homes and they all have horrible stories to tell. Some of these home owners even got their own “Don’t Buy a Perry Home” signs for their yards!  Obviously there is a major issue in this neighborhood due to Perry Homes building poorly constructed homes and providing horrible before, during and after the sale customer service.  Not a day goes by where I don't speak to at least 10 people either because of the yard signs or because of the signs I have on my Expedition I drive every day. We have an Attorney and have been trying to work with Perry Homes to resolve all of these issues but in true Bully Form they are not trying to compromise or work this out they just want to continue to Bully us and other home owners not willing to stand up to them like we are. It looks like we are being forced into filing a lawsuit against Perry Homes and we will not back down. I will continue to update this post due to the never ending Perry Homes nightmare.

Supporting Documents

Our most recent Customer Service Request (CSR) that has 54 line items of repairs!  This is also our 14th formal CSR (does not include some repairs that were made based on emails and not CSRs) in the 5 months we have lived in our home and each of the CSRs have multiple issues on them.  

My Blog

BBB Reviews

4/10/2018 Suzzane C

We have been dealing with Perry Homes for 16 months over an issue of methane gas coming up from the floor/foundation of our master bath. Through this grueling and slow process, Perry conducted some tests and assured us that our home was safe and healthy to live in (our grandbaby had several sleepovers). Because this issue continued to persist, they finally removed several sections of our walls looking for the root cause which released more fumes making the house uninhabitable. Because the smell became so bad, and because Perry continually shrugged their shoulders and put us off, we involved the **** ** ****** Inspector. The city utility technicians found four natural gas leaks in our house (three in the attic and one under our stove). They also detected methane gas in the walls where the sections were removed. After a meeting with the VP from Perry and * * * ******** (Perry’s subcontractor), where they argued over whose responsibility this problem was, what was causing the problem and what to do, we finally said enough. We have tried repeatedly to get Perry to do the right thing. We have requested a buy back (no response from Perry) and a contract rescission (no response from Perry). We are devastated that our “forever” home, is unlivable and was making us physically sick for over a year (our grandbaby was breathing this air). We moved to Boerne to retire (27 years Air Force veteran) and watch our grandbaby grow up and we love the neighborhood. We have never walked away from an obligation in our 36 years of marriage and Perry has forced us to file suit and consider foreclosure. Even the thought that something could have happened to our grandbaby, other family members and ourselves is a feeling we wouldn’t wish on anyone. We will be contacting the media as well and we want to warn Perry homeowners to protect themselves. Get everything in writing and do not trust what you are being told.

12/21/2017 Richard

NEVER AGAIN! Perry Homes misrepresents what they sell. I purchased a home with a 3-car tandem garage in 2016 (the sales person ***** told me there were no available lots for a true 3-car garage and that the tandem 3 car garage would be sufficient for my three "standard sized" vehicles. After moving in and getting all of the boxes out of the garage, I attempted to put all 3 of my vehicles in the garage. No matter the configuration "THEY WOULD NOT FIT." I measured the 2 car side which is 30' length even. The average vehicle is 15' 6". I sacrificed a 4th bedroom for what I thought would be a 3 car garage. Well, now I don't have either. The Customer Service Department is a "joke". The Construction Manager came out and stated "you should buy smaller vehicles." That was his solution. I've talked to other people including family members who have 3 car tandem garages by other builders and their 2 car side measures 36'. This home was my third "new Build" and I will testify that Perry Homes' so called quality sucks in addition to being untruthful. The sales person stated that in her 13 years with the company she's never heard anyone complain about the garage size. After researching the issue, I discovered that there have been many complaints regarding this issue. I wouldn't recommend Perry Homes to anyone I care anything about. I feel like I'm living in a nightmare. Can't wait to sell this home.

4/4/2018 BAJAM

My husband and I purchased a spec home in the Austin area May 2017. Our driveway slopes downward to the garage to a point that our cars bottom out before we can get to the garage. We have to leave both our cars parked on the top of the driveway. Both of our cars have not been modified to be lower to the ground or anything like that. They are two standard cars. I am not sure why we even have a garage. A representative from Perry Homes told us that since it was a spec home they could not do anything about it. Basically, we should have tried to see if our cars could make it down the slope before we bought the house. That is crazy. This is also going to be an issue when we are ready to sell the home. Why can't someone own up to the mistake and do the right thing. All I am asking is to be able to pull my car in the garage. Is that too much to ask?

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